Dons Import Car Clinic – A Little History

Don Young, the Owner of Don’s Import Car Clinic Headshotopened for business in 1979.  The original shop, which is located in Santa Rosa, California, and was formerly known as “Dunn’s Imported Car Clinic”  was a small repair shop specializing in Volvo’s, Volkswagen’s, and Toyota’s. Don had worked there for one year when he began to see the need for a high quality import repair shop specializing in more than just three makes of cars.  He bought the shop from the previous owner and changed the name to “Don’s Import Car Clinic”.

Shortly after beginning taking over the shop he began expanding the services offered and focused on building the business. He quickly expanded to include repair of British and Italian Automobiles.  As the years went by, and more Californians were buying Asian vehicles, he gradually added more and more makes and models to his specialty. Eventually the most of the European vehicles were phased out and he began focusing on all makes and models of Japanese Car’s, some European models, and select American Vehicles .

After 30 years in business, we asked Don;  “What do you want people to know about your shop?

“My customers need to know that they can trust that the repair work done to their vehicles is done, not only in a timely manner, but with a serious attention to detail.  I do keep my eye out for upcoming problems and I always give them a prioritized list of upcoming repairs. I am happy to work within their budget to provide a practical service plan for their vehicle. This way they are assured that they get the best quality repair at a reasonable price.  We use many “Factory Manufactured Parts” to achieve that quality repair work. We charge a reasonable fee for a high quality repair job, no matter if it’s a basic service or a major engine overhaul.”

In 1992, Don relocated the shop from it’s original location on Piner Road, to it’s current location in a business park on Coffey Lane in Santa Rosa. This move was necessary to better serve his customers and to provide a fully equipped repair facility that is not only a great place to bring your car, but an outstanding working environment for his employees.

Since the beginning Don’s Import Car Clinic has used the slogan; “We Care About What We Repair!” In a day when customer service and good quality work is on the decline, Don’s not only still uses that slogan, but is committed to personalized care of his customers and the vehicles that frequent his shop.